Riva Rivale

Outrivaling anything in its category

Of the various members of the Riva family, this is the yacht whose character, as indeed its name suggests, is both strong and gritty. It is not only a matter of name, however. Indeed, Rivale’s unique, sharp line has a smart, welcoming heart, created from refined wood and quality textiles. The interior design is based on a harmonious blend of elegance and sobriety, and cleverly set out living areas. This 52 footer features large cabins, a comfortable dining-area and a cockpit which satisfies all demands for outdoor living, as well as one of the largest garages (which stores a 3.2 metre tender) in this category, making her with a strong personality.

The size of this unrivalled yacht has been chosen by owners wishing to man and enjoy their craft firsthand (if this is the case, the crew cabin can be used as a guest cabin) and enjoy life at sea in comfort indeed, but also total privacy, counting on reliability and simplicity of use. Rivale carries the philosophy of Riva yachts: personality, style, elegance and constant innovation.

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2 * MAN V8 – 900 power 900 mhp / 662 kW at 2300 rpm (std) 
2 * MAN V10 – 1100 power 1100 mhp / 809 kW at 2300 rpm (opt)


Maximum speed37.5 kn
Cruising speed34.5 kn


Maximum speed260 nautical miles
Cruising speed290 nautical miles

Main sizes

Overall length16.12 m
Hull length15.74 m
Waterline length13.42 m
Beam4.61 m
Depth under propellers1.4 m
Displacement unladen20 t (tonne)
Displacement laden23.63 t (tonne)
Maximum number of persons on board10
Design category CE 2003/44A
Certification modulesB + F + Aa, RINA S.p.A.

Technical data

Overall height from keel to hard-top4.15 m
Minimum transport height from keel3.72 m
Bow pulpit0.02 m
Stern platform0.13 m
Fuel tanks capacity2500 lt. (Liter)
Water tanks capacity500 lt. (Liter)
PropulsionSurface drives

Performance specifications

standard version displacement of the yacht:21.7 t (tonne)
overloading the yacht by1.3 t (tonne)
top speed decreases of1 kn

made by Vergilio