Itama 45 S

S as in Sport, Style, Success. The open brand par excellence, emblem of the passion for seafaring and for navigating with your fingers brushing the waves, enriches its collection of bestsellers and presents Itama 45 S.
As it is the case in the automotive sector, Itama 45 S is the sporty version of its predecessor. Following Itama 62 White, this open yacht, powerful and elegant, is heir to one of the biggest successes in the brand’s history, with some 130 units produced and sold since 2005, the year of the debut of Itama Forty.
A success that’s destined to continue: Itama 45 S, in fact, has already delighted the market.
Being unmistakable right from first glance is one of the qualities that only a few can boast.
In the nautical world, it is a privilege reserved to boats that over the years have become icons of the sea, faithful to their origins but always ready to be innovated to give owners new emotions at sea. Like the new Itama 45 S.

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Technical details


13.82 m
12.48 m
10.84 m
3.95 m
12.07 tonne
15.08 tonne
35 kn
30 kn
1130 liter
330 liter
1.33 m

Extra options

Engine HP550
TransmissionShaft line
Range190 [nm]

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