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BELASSI „Burrasca“ – Race Your Heartbeat

MennYacht Group and it’s water toys department MyYachtoys is proud to present their new dealership for

The Burrasca Marine Hypercraft by Belassi sets new performance and design standards.
Italian passion on the water paired with Austrian engineering par excellence: Belassi, manufacturer for premium personal water-crafts, is bringing a 320-hp watersports ve- hicle into production.


3  cylinders are at the heart of the Burrasca.

4  stroke engine ensures smooth running on the water.

1602 ccm displacement ensures strong acceleration.

320 HP (235 kW) make the Burrasca move through water like a lightning bolt. Thanks to the ingenious hydrodynamic design and perfectly coordinated stabilizers, cornering speeds with up to 4g acceleration are possible.

<120 kph (74 mph) is the Burrasca’s top speed. THE COMPONENTS

2000 individual parts are hand-assembled by Belassi mechanics for each model, including:

138 square meters of glass fiber mats and

18 square meters of carbon fiber.

60 percent is the Burrasca’s fiber-to-volume ratio. That makes it extremely stable and torsion-resistant.







For detailed list of specification and price list contact :

Mario Ulamec at +385 91 177 2639
📧 mytoys@mennyacht.com

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