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El-Iseo is Born: Full Electric and Elegantly Riva

At a Ferretti Group private preview in the splendid setting of the Monaco Yacht Club, Riva presented El-Iseo, the brand’s first full electric runabout, which brings together traditional design, advanced technology and innovation

In the magical year of its 180th anniversary, packed with events and new developments, Riva harnesses sustainability to heritage in its first full electric runabout. As the venue for presenting El-Iseo, the brand’s first electric prototype, it would have been unthinkable not to choose Monaco’s magnificent Yacht Club, where Riva has always been at home and where environmental sensibility is both an imperative and a guiding value. The occasion was Ferretti Group’s glittering Private Preview, an event keenly awaited by owners and friends to sneak a peek at the Group’s new models.

Integration of onboard systems, such as transmission, throttles and onboard control systems in general, including management of driving and battery charging modes, has once again been assigned to innovation leader and Ferretti Group partner Xenta.

On boarding El-Iseo, the boat’s two souls are immediately apparent. There are the unmistakable finishes, colours and detailing typical of the boats that made the brand world famous, but equalling eye-catching is the helm station with its fully digital, touchscreen dashboard designed to mimic the analogue displays of past boats. Even the naming of the three drive modes – Allegro, Andante and Adagio, the tempos of classical music – alludes to the tradition that has inspired all Riva boats.

El-Iseo is the perfect expression of Riva’s essence: on one hand, deep respect for the tradition of a brand that has helped to write the history of Italian boatbuilding and, on the other, that constant drive towards perfection and ongoing research into innovation using the latest technologies.

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