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MennYacht visits BELASSI Headquarters

320 Horsepower compressed into only 366 cm of artisanal mix of carbon and Kevlar, coated with mesmerizing shades of paint, make this mystical machine a grand masterpiece by attention to each detail of this big hearted wonder that is THE definition of a Hyper Craft.
That was the promise. And deliver on it, they did!

MennYacht Group, as the exclusive regional dealer, was invited to take a peak behind the curtains of Belassi’s operation in their Leiben, Austria headquarters.
Greeted by snowfall in March, spoiled by the endless Belassi hospitality and floating on a smooth stream of Wiener schnitzels, locally brewed beer and amazing wines, the stage was set for an eye opening revelation.

We are thrilled to report and confirm that
Belassi is a beacon and the cutting edge of developement and strive to reach the ultimate thrill, to speed your heartbeat, to sharpen your senses and take you to the next level of enjoyment.

Research and developement, extensive testing and adjustments, compounding quality checks and the passion and dedication to the achievement of the highest quality and performance are infused into the everyday operations of the entire Belassi team.

The story of the uniqueness of the Marine Hypercraft is a most intriguing one.

From standstill to 62 mph in less than four seconds is just the first kick before soaring to the top speed of around 74 mph – Belassi Burrasca Hypercraft Is Unlike any other.



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