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NEW – Riva iPhone® 12

Riva iPhone® 12 MINI, 12/ 12 PRO e 12 PRO MAX Cover


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For your iPhone® 12 MINI, 12 / 12 PRO and 12 PRO MAX, Riva Boutique has created a new cover in mahogany with maple inlays, just like the decks of our most prestigious models.
The wood finish is applied exclusively for Riva by a master artisan, using a combination of vegetable oils, propolis and natural resins, selected according to criteria of eco-friendliness.
The features of the cover are unique: antibacterial, antioxidant, preservative and stain-resistant properties; excellent protection from moisture, sweat, temperature changes and from constant manipulation.
The Riva logo is made of inlaid satin-finish metal.
The beeswax finish makes the cover pleasant to the touch.
Discover the emotion!

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