Chartering of a pleasure motor yacht is truly the ultimate way to experience the stunning beauty of the Adriatic Sea, and the whole Mediterranean.
The coastline of Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro provide numerous hidden bays, new gourmet experiences and creations of timeless memories aboard a luxury yacht. Nothing can quite compare to the freedom and enjoyment of experiencing the region and its best kept secrets accessed from the water. The opportunities are endless: Croatia alone has over 1200 islands to discover, dotted with ancient towns, jet-set nightlife, and first-class restaurants, all with old world charm. Charter can be a grand adventure, an ideal way to entertain clients for corporate events, or simply a perfect getaway to relax in privacy with family and friends.

Our experts specialize in customized itineraries in the Eastern Mediterranean aboard our magnificent selection of yachts for any number of guests, be it a family getaway or an island-hopping adventure. Offering complete privacy and control, you can plan your journey down to the very last detail, in the safe hands of local, experienced, and dedicated professionals. With a fleet of yachts listed, we offer a wide range of options for our clients to choose from, from 40 ft. daily bareboat rentals to 100+ ft. crewed luxury yachts. Being the exclusive dealer of Ferretti Group yachts for the region, we also have an extensive selection of Ferretti Group yachts for charter, which are recognized the world over for their prestige and quality. Several charter partnerships further enable us to reserve yachts in other parts of the world, if you wish to venture anywhere, globally.

We work under the MYBA charter contract that has been developed over the years and provides an industry standard throughout the world.
We make your dreams come true by providing precious and magical experiences. Enjoy the best and unforgettable moments that the sea has to offer, on the most luxurious and exclusive yachts in safe hands of MennYacht, reaching destinations throughout the Mediterranean.

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Experience abundance of beautiful vistas, enjoy the very best food in well maintained and safe environment. Welcome to the Adriatic region.

Best of Dalmatia

Would you like us to guide you through an amazing summer getaway and show you some of the best yachting spots in Croatia?

Read more to see how an unforgettable charter holiday onboard of the Ferretti 780 ‘Orlando L’ looks like!




Majestic mountains, breathtaking beaches and larger-than-life locals, Montenegro proves that you can have all good things packed together in a small country.
Although the country is rightfully a famous tourist spotlight, the people remain as they’ve always been: candid, happy and charming.
Main marinas include Porto Montenegro, where you can find also our own MennYacht Group sales and service offices.



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