Pershing 6x [NEW]

Bold and defiant, the Pershing 6X embodies the Pershing predatory spirit, with her taut, agile forms and cutting-edge tech. A blast of power with a 48-knot top speed, she’s primed to run rings around the rest and poke fun at convention.

A 62′ yacht with a brazen Pershing instinct, the 6X can slice through the sea at up to 48 knots. All that power comes from the twin MAN V12 1550mhp engines, tamed by an array of state-of-the-art steering and control technologies.

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Dettagli tecnici

MAN V12 1550

MAN V12 1550

18.94 m
18.48 m
14.63 m
4.80 m
1.45 m
34 tonnaggio
40 tonnaggio
48 kn

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