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Bionic Yacht Shampoo

Bionic Yacht Shampoo takes advantage of naturally-occurring microbes to remove a wide variety of contaminants from various surfaces. The method is based on the affinity of microbes for hydrocarbons that are digested, producing harmless carbon dioxide, water, and soluble fatty acids. The shampoo removes gently dirt from paint & glass and your yacht will stay clean for longer time period than cleaning with regular chemicals.

Advantages using the Bionic Yacht Shampoo :

•One for all
A cleaning supplier for many
surfaces ! This means less
plastic waste!

• Very productive
500 ml microClean°
Cleaner is sufficient for
25-50 bottles (500ml) mixed with water

•Natural ingredients
Without chlorine, alcohol
and microplastics!
Completely environmental friendly

microClean° is 100% organic
degradable and harmless
for humans, animals and nature !

Find out more about bionic here and follow bionic at

+385 91 516 8051

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