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Internautica 2023

MennYacht Group dazzled at the Internautica boat show in Marina Portorož, presenting the exquisite Riva Rivamare, Rivale, Diable, Technohull Explorer 40 and GT 7, and the thrilling Belassi Burrasca. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all involved, including Picerija Vesuvio , Hiša Fink, Hisa Torkla, RIBOGOJNICA FONDA, BWT A-Voda, JURA, KlenArt Wines and Grappa Nonino for their valuable contributions of the success !

Internautica’s guests witnessed an exciting milestone as MennYacht Group welcomed Anita Horvat as their esteemed brand ambassador. The contract signing ceremony marked a significant moment, solidifying the partnership between MennYacht and Anita Horvat.



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