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OPEN DAYS 2023 – ACI Marina Ičići

In the heart of Croatia’s picturesque Opatija, MennYacht’s Open Days in collaboration with Technohull unfolded with all the pomp and flair that this coastal gem could offer. The weekend was nothing short of a maritime spectacle that left attendees breathless.


It all began with a captain’s salute on Friday, an exclusive event where seasoned yacht commanders gathered to kick off this extravaganza. Saturday, however, was the showstopper. It brought to life a symphony of high-seas excitement as Technohull’s finest, including the GT7, GTX, Attitude 35, 40 Explorer, and Omega 47, took center stage in a series of spine-tingling sea trials. These boats, precision-engineered and dripping with luxury, set the water ablaze.

But it wasn’t just about the waves. On terra firma, the gleam of Mercedes cars from Jolly Autoline and the earth-shattering power of Belassi Burrasca was on display.

The event owed its grandeur not only to the breathtaking location at ACI Marina Icici but also to the fine vines served up by Enosophia and Klenart , along with Vera Spirits, ensuring that no palate was left unsatisfied. On display were also hi-fi handcrafted speakers by the Italian manufacturer Tyrsenoi and Bionic cleaning agents for a greener and mores sustainable tomorrow. The culinary delights at Mala Riba put the icing on the cake, while the ever-gracious crew from the charter yacht Sibari ensured the event was executed flawlessly.

The turnout was overwhelming, with eager guests seizing the opportunity to take these exceptional boats for a spin. The MennYacht Open Days were a heady cocktail of luxury, adrenaline, and camaraderie, leaving everyone with memories of an unparalleled maritime and automotive showcase. Opatija was the stage, and the Technohull luxury boats at MennYacht’s Open Days certainly stole the spotlight.

Technohull OPEN DAYS 2023, Marina ICICI, Opatija
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