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Custom Line Navetta 30 review in Yachts Croatia Magazine

Although announced almost one year before the official launch, the new Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 30 seems to have just showed up on the scene unexpectedly. Set to debut in Croatia of all places – in Rovinj, to our pleasure – the yacht was presented last November, in the new ACI Marina at the footsteps of the Grand Hotel Park.

At the event, organized by Mennyacht, we were able to make the new Custom Line Navetta 30 review, and to take her for a test ride around the Rovinj waters. What a great recognition of Croatia as one of the up and coming yachting destinations – thank you, Mennyacht and Custom Line for making this happen even in these complicated Covid-19 times!

Custom Line yachts have been one of the cornerstones of the success of Ferretti Group in the last period and seeing how well models 33, 37 and 42 did for themselves, a lot of pressure was surely put on the 30 to repeat their success.

Even knowing that, Custom Line Navetta 30 exceeded our most daring expectations. With the yacht we were privileged to test in Rovinj, the Italian builder leave their comfort zone and show us what future could look like. The interior is charming, to say the least; well connected with the marine environment through design and functionality of the spaces and stretched over a new third deck – yes, the new Navetta is a tri-deck!

The exterior doesn’t stray much from the family-style, some will say it took the best from previous 28 meter model and combined it with ‘family’ styling of the Navetta 33.

Designed by Fillippo Salveti and Piero Ferrari, new Custom Line Navetta 30 has that certain something, a soul that can’t be attributed to one element or details – maybe it’s the visible exterior elements in teak, maybe it’s the stainless steel square railing, maybe it’s the fireworks of ideas that explodes in the interior, or maybe it’s all of that in synergy.

While we’re at the subject of the interior, designers Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel were obviously inspired by the sea, as every shape and line seems to copy the shapes and liens of the marine environment. Their inspiration is easily recognizable from the moment you step aboard. Read more at Yachts Croatia Magazine.

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