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DARTH CRAFT – For the youngest Captains

A revolutionary idea, handcrafted with highest quality materials,all combined to ensure endless fun and excitement for the junior captains.

The smallest vessel in the world, the Darth Craft, is barely 1.7 m in size, has a carrying capacity of 100 kg and we could say that it has everything that larger vessels have, and it will open the way to the world of water fun for our youngest. The Darth craft is powered by an electric motor and provides normal autonomy for one hour of entertainment under normal use. Easy to store in your own bag, it is suitable for use and storage on motor boats as well as on a sailboat or motorhome. Darth Craft is the fruit of the Trieste-based Venetian Design studio and designer Armin Koren, who also designed the smallest inflatable boat. Quality materials ensure robustness and long life, as well as resistance to weathering. The seat has space for two children or one adult, who will have endless fun driving and turning. The Darth Craft has five forward and one reverse speeds and can reach a top speed of 5 knots. They are available for sales and consulting from exclusive distributor MennYacht Group.



For detailed list of specifications, our colours selection possible customisations please contact :

Mario Ulamec at +385 91 177 2639

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