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MennYacht has been present on the market for almost 25 years and has in its existence surpassed and triumphed over many challenges and hurdles as well as celebrated many victories and unforgettable moments. We have successfully passed also the difficult economic crisis that has been glooming over the world’s economy and have risen stronger out of it.

To celebrate the achievements, perseverance and the team of people that made it happen, as well as setting new goals for the future, MennYacht has refreshed its corporate image.

We are proud to share the new logo of the company’s name with you.

Each letter of the name is drawn following the ‘’golden cut’’ with the detail of the triangle above the letter Y – the triangle is the symbol for water. Its golden color represents good health, wealth, personal power and success, all of which both our clients and ourselves like to identify with.

We are looking forward to new adventures.

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