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Whoever loves Pershing—whether they have driven the boats themselves or had the opportunity to go aboard these unique yachts—knows all about the “Pershing thrill.” It is the release of adrenalin when you open up the throttle or execute a turn at full speed; it is the satisfaction of overtaking other boats that might appear more powerful; and it is the joy of seeing the sea rush by from the comfort of the luxurious interior. Now that thrill has just taken on a new twist and finds its fullest expression in our new flagship model: the Pershing 140. The result of intense collaboration between the Strategic Product Committee, the Ferretti Group’s Engineering Division, and the designer Fulvio de Simoni, the new 140 footer (LOA 42.53m) will be the first Pershing built by the Ancona Group, specialised in the construction of superyachts in steel and aluminium over 40 metres. 2018 will mark the debut of the Pershing 140, the first to be built of lightweight aluminium alloy with truly innovative exterior and interior design that will add a whole new dimension to the “Pershing thrill.”

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Technical details

1939 kW MTU 16V2000 M96L (EPA 3)

43.30 m
36.78 m
8.55 m
0.218 tonne
0.247 tonne
38 kn
35 kn
26000 liter
3000 liter
2.13 m
Surface drives

Extra options

Engine HP2600
TransmissionWater Jet
Range1400 [nm]
Bathrooms in crew quarter4
Daily bathroomsStandard

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