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Riva at Marina Portorož

We were happy to be part of the beautiful event organized by the new management at Marina Portorož at the freshly renovated pool Restaurant. Beside BMW M, Riva Yacht and Lampuga powered by us, Petrol Slovenija, Estetika Fabjan, OMEGA Watches and many others in wonderful company of moderator Pia Pustovrh !
The new management has already introduced a number of innovations in the first few months!
Beside a renovated swimming pool, restaurants an important step was taken in the direction of micro-mobility which now offers guests 15 bicycles and electric scooters at three stations inside the marina. Environmentally friendly mobility is also encouraged by Petrol, which has set up an infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. All enthusiasts of nautical life now have access to food delivery on boats, which is made possible by the company Mercator. To many more!

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